Tailor-made Support Services provided in the Mainland

The Labour Department has engaged the HKFTU Greater Bay Area Social Service (Chinese Version Only) and Hong Kong United Youth Association (Chinese Version Only) to provide support services for participants of the Scheme, including:

  • Seminars /webinars to prepare the participants for working and living in the GBA before they depart from Hong Kong or have just arrived in the GBA's Mainland cities;
  • Telephone hotline and social media platform or group to support Hong Kong young people in the GBA and help solve problems encountered in the workplace and daily life;
  • Providing immediate and urgent assistance in case of emergency;
  • Referral to receive professional legal consultation and counselling services when needed;
  • Group activities to deepen participants' understanding of the country and the development of the GBA, and to build a network;
  • Exchange activities such as visits to the enterprises, experience sharing, symposiums with senior management and seminars, to provide participants with the opportunities to exchange and learn from enterprises and entrepreneurs in the Mainland and broaden their horizons;
  • Forming smaller groups by their needs, interests, work locations or professions to foster peer support;
  • Assisting young people who have participated in the Scheme (including the pilot Scheme) to set up an alumni association with the purposes to contribute to the society, facilitate building professional network and provide a platform for continuous growth, hence nurturing them to serve as a bridge in Hong Kong's active integration into the GBA.

Hotline from 9am to 9pm every day stands by you: (8620) 8551 8174 (handled by HKFTU Greater Bay Area Social Service)

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