Labour Affairs Bureau, Macao SAR

To help job seekers browse vacancies offered in Macao, this website is hyperlinked to the Labour Affairs Bureau, Macao SAR. Please note that Labour Affairs Bureau of Macao only provides employment service to Macao resident workers and non-resident workers cannot enjoy such service.

Labour Department of Hong Kong SAR

Labour Department of Hong Kong SAR also provides the following services to job seekers and employers: For job seekers who want to find a job in Macao, please refer to Vacancies in Macao registered at Labour Department of Hong Kong SAR. Please note that some industries may prefer to use their own channels to recruit staff (for example, traditionally, construction industry would recruit through sub-contractors or their personal network), and internet is not their common recruitment means.

Hong Kong employers who want to recruit Hong Kong job seekers to work in Macao can register the vacancies at Labour Department of Hong Kong SAR. Employers should note that basically, non-Macao residents should apply for work permits before they can legally work in Macao. According to the regulations on importation of labour in Macao, applications for importation of labour have to be filed by Macao-registered companies, which are required to submit at the same time the employment contracts entered into with the prospective workers. If Hong Kong companies intend to deploy Hong Kong employees to station in Macao, they should also apply for importation of labour at the Non-resident Workers Employment Department of the Labour Affairs Bureau of Macao SAR through the Macao-registered companies. Details please refer to the services procedures of the Labour Affairs Bureau.