Job Centre

The Labour Department's Job Centres are distributed in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. The Job Centres offer services easy to use employment services to local job seekers:

  1. Bring along your valid proof of identity and approach any of our centres in person and fill in a registration form. The personal particulars obtained will only be used for the purpose of rendering employment assistance for you.
  2. A chit with the priority assigned and the time to be served will be given to you.
  3. Before you are served, you may look up the jobs displayed on the notice boards or conduct job search at "Job Easy" Vacancy Search Terminals. You should record the Job Order Number of the job you are interested in.
  4. For jobs that display the contact information of the employers, you can make use of the free telephone to contact the recruiting employers and facsimile machines to send resume.
  1. When we receive you, we will explain to you the terms and conditions of employment of the job you have previously recorded.
  2. If you meet the employer's specified requirement and accept the terms of employment, we will arrange job interview with the employer.
  3. After the job interview is arranged, an Introduction Letter will be given to you for attending interview.
After Job Interview
  1. Whether an employer offers employment to you or whether you accept the offer is entirely voluntary on you both.
  2. The next time you approach us, remember to bring along your registration card. The registration is valid for three months after which period you may re-register if you are still looking for jobs.